Guide to Finding Sharks Teeth at Casey Key Resort | Gulf Shores Resort


Shark's Teeth are considered, 'the find' for many vacationers and beachcombers. They are actually quite easy to find by children and adults. It is not unusual to find several in a short amount of time.


Here's how...
Sand rakes come in convenient sizes for both children and adults, either plastic or metal works fine.

Step 1: Get the Right Sifter

Nokomis Beach Bait and Tackle (just a couple blocks away on Albee Rd.) will have what you’re looking for. Or most big stores like Walmart also carry them. Any sifter will do, some say the plastic hand-held ones are comfortable for children. Look for something sturdy that will resist permanent bends or break by scooping or with some weight of wet sand in it.


Step 2: Know What to Look For

Some are surprized to find that the pearly whites on sharks on tv are not what we are looking for in the water. Sharks teeth are usually black but also sometimes appear brown and come in many shapes and sizes. Most are about the size of a human thumbnail. Sometimes they will be chipped, or imperfect, so look really close.


Step 3: Look in the Right Places

Generally, there are two places to scour:

a. On shore along the seashell line is quite common. Some sharks teeth will be sitting among the seashells where the water left them at high tide. You won't find as many here.
b. Get adventurous and get into the water! Find the middle of the drop-off. Just a foot or two into the water, the sand contour suddenly drops a couple feet down. In the middle of the drop-off, use your sifter to grab a pile of sand. Then sift off the sand along the waterline to see if you're scooped a prize, see your shells and sharks teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept pets?

Yes, for an additional fee of $50/per night (30lbs and under) and $75/per night (50lbs and under) along with a $100 cleaning fee.

Do you have parking?

Yes, you are assigned 1 parking spot with your Bungalow. 2 parking spots with a 2 bedroom Bungalow. You must be registered with the office and have a parking pass or your vehicle will be towed.

Do you have guest laundry?

Yes, located on the Bayside behind Bungalow 18.

Can I tie up my boat or jet skis?

Yes, we have boat slips and tie-ups along our seawall for an additional fee of $20 ea/per day. But we do not have water and electric yet.

Are you located on the beach?

Yes, we have private beach frontage for our guests to enjoy as well as Bayside on the intercoastal to fish and watch the boats.

Can we have guests come for the day?

Guests are allowed on property for an additional fee of $30/per person and you must register them with the office. Additional parking available at $20/per day.

Do you have towel service?

Yes, using the metal basket for your beach towels, fill each morning with dirty towels to be replaced and set out on your porch by 10am for Housekeeping.

Do you have beach chairs?

Yes, we offer beach loungers and umbrellas for rent daily. You are welcome to bring your own as well.

Do you have ice?

No, but you may purchase some at the local convenience store on Albee Rd or WaWa.

What time is check out?

Check out is 10:00 am

Can we come before check in to use the beach?

No, you can not be on property until your check in time.

Do you have information about red tide?

Please visit

Are all the photos on your website original?

Yes, all photos on our site are original photos taken of the area around Casey Key Resort, sunsets from our private beach and our Bungalows Beach to Bay!

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